What is GGIVE?

GGIVE is a community-driven charity token with a difference! Our mission is to provide a mutually beneficial relationship between charities, donors and investors.


This co-beneficial ecosystem allows an innovative platform for long-term investment growth and an unprecedented charity partnership program to ensure charities of all sizes benefit from ongoing fundraising and donation drives through $GGIVE.


We burn tokens to increase scarcity and increase the value of holder’s tokens.
Good for investors,
good for charities!


The longer you hold, the more you receive!
Passive earnings with DEX auto-staking
Earn more with CEX staking – coming soon! 


Bot killer
Toxic whale tax
Fully doxxed team


Total Supply


$GGIVE Burnt


$GGIVE Charity Wallet

5% of total supply

$GGIVE Marketing and Development Wallet

5% of total supply





GGIVE launch

1000 holders

Initial socials and website launch

Coingecko listing


First charity partnership

10000 holders

First exchange listing

Marketing firm and influencer partnership


Application to major exchanges

50000 holders

Website and socials rebrand

Merch store launch


NFT marketplace

AMA with Elon Musk


100,000 holders


GGIVE Charity Partnerships

Are you a Charity looking for increased cause awareness and donations?


Are you a charity looking to increase global reach and visibility for the life-changing work you do? Could increased donations boost your ability to channel help exactly where it is needed most, without costly fees or delays? We are looking to support you! Finding new ways to raise important funds is essential in an ever-changing world. We have created an innovative way to do this and believe this is the future of fundraising for every charity. Please get in touch today to find out the many ways we can support your important work.


Even if you are not one of our Monthly Charities, you can still get involved. All you need to do is get in touch and we can list you on our site. This allows your own investors to donate GGIVE tokens to your charity. The more tokens you have donated, the higher the price of the tokens will be, increasing the value of every token that has been donated. It’s an amazing way for people to invest in your charity and increase its ability to do the amazing work you all try so hard to do each year.


Once you are part of our family of charities, we will actively support you by raising awareness for you by asking our members to like, follow and comment on your social media pages. This is a fantastic way to start any relationship.


Contact our Charity Director RIGHT NOW to find out how you can be involved and supported – Damian, at:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GGIVE Token?

Launched on 1st May 2021, GGIVE is a community-driven charity token with a difference! Our unprecedented charity partnership program ensures charities of all sizes benefit, not just from a one-off donation but continued support and cause awareness.

Who are the team behind GGIVE?

We are a diverse group of crypto enthusiasts, businesspeople and specialists in a range of areas. The GGIVE Token Team are proud of this project which is why the founders are doxxed and have been revealed on the website since launch! You can see for yourself who each and every one of us are, and we are here for the long term! We feel that if you truly believe in what you are doing and are proud of what you are doing then you should have nothing to hide.

Was there presale?

Yes. The presale allocation was 30% of the total supply. This provided plenty of liquidity to the pool at launch to ensure a more stable price moving forward. This also ensured our record-breaking time to listing on CoinGecko

Is there a tax on buys and sells?

There is no tax on buying! We don’t believe that anyone should be taxed for investing in a genuine charity project such as GGIVE. This is a massive incentive to investors and prevents donators from being penalised!

There is a 10% on sales; of which 2% is redistributed to HODlers, 2% is burnt, and 6% is added to the liquidity pool. We have also implemented a progressive whale tax for additional investor protection. Donations to all charity wallets are exempt from tax.

What is a toxic whale tax and how does it protect my investment?

We do not support people who dump large amounts to undermine the price of the token. We want to protect everyone from instability, irrespective of how much you have to invest in the project.
GGIVE is a community project and that is why we implemented our unparalleled whale tax; to protect our community from toxic whales!

The whale tax means that the higher the amount of tokens sold, the higher the percentage tax is paid.

To the best of our knowledge, we are also the only token to implement a progressive whale tax to avoid whale dumps.

Why is $GGIVE different?

Partnerships! Our vision has always been long term relationships with charities.

We were never interested in just handing out money as a way to promote the token. From very beginning, GGIVE was created for the purpose of charity and not as an afterthought simply to maintain hype!

Our unprecedented charity partnership is mutually beneficial. We promote and donate and charities stand next to us in support of this great project just like the rest of the community and the world at large in due time.

How are charity partners choosen?

All of our charity partners are carefully vetted and verified. Once accepted, partners receive an initial donation and continue to benefit from GGIVE’s support.

We also encourage our community members put forward their suggestions for charities. Once vetted and shortlisted, we hold a community vote for each month’s charity of the month. Join the telegram community to see the nominees for the month and take part in the vote.

Do charities have to be partners with GGIVE to benefit?

There are numerous benefits to becoming a partner, but any registered charity is able to open their own dedicated wallet and start accepting $GGIVE tokens by promoting on their platforms and website.

Is there proof of donation?

Of course! Our first donation was made to the orangutan charity, the official acknowledgement can be seen on their official Twitter account

The first GGIVE charity partner donation to LNADJ can be watched on our official Youtube channel

What is the GGIVE contract address?


I've sent funds directly to the $GGIVE smart contract address, can it be retrieved?

If you send funds directly to our contract address, it cannot be retrieved or sent back.

GGIVE Core Team

Charity Director
Damian Knight
Charity Director
Lee Communications Director
Lee Culp
Communications Director
Brand Director
Nadїa Monem
Brand Director
John - Development Director
John Ikwuobe
Development Director
Technical Director
Nic Davidson
Technical Director